Catching Up . . . Again

It seems I never make time to post the going ons of the farm. I usually enter things on my facebook page, but rarely get here. I think I have been going about it the wrong way. From this point on this will be my diary. Welcome inside my head, poor you, lol.

The farm is doing well. Things are always changing. Sometimes for the good and sometimes not so good.

The latest news is that we have puppies. Bella had 13 puppies. I marked Monday the 15th as her due date. They came early, the 13th. Lil Andrew and I went to the farm Saturday morning to let the chickens out and make sure everyone had water. Bella was not in her usual place. When I saw her come out of an old dog box in her lot she quickly went back. I went in to investigate and she had 2 puppies. As I reached in to touch one she snipped at my hand. I corrected her and rubbed her nose and then rubbed the puppies and rubbed her again. From that point on all was good. I added straw and DE to her dog box and she moved one puppy. I grabbed the other and moved it. I stayed a while, but it looked like she was done. We went to the house to let Donna know what was going on and when we came back we had 3. She continued on all day until she finished with 13.  She seemed to be doing fine. The next morning there were 12 and by the middle of the day 11. We never did find the missing puppies. I can only assume she ate them. Maybe they died….I don’t know. On Monday Donna called me at work to tell me she had moved 3 out and she could only find 2. She put them back. I moved her, Bella not Donna, from the farm to the back deck and put a fan on them to cool her and the pups down. This was the hottest week we have had all year. Saturday when she had the pups it was nice and breezy. At 2 am Andrew woke me up to tell me 2 puppies were missing and he could hear one crying. Out I go in robe and gown to search for puppies. We only found the one. It’s been a week now and we still have the nine. Seven boys and two girls.

Several of the puppies are already spoken for. Steve said last night it is going to be hard letting them go. I think he is already getting attached.

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