Farm Animal Noises

The temperature has dropped substantially in our area of Virginia. When the sun has almost set, the air is crisp and your breath makes little wisps when you breathe out.

With the time change I leave home in the mornings when it is just light enough for me not to need a flash light. When I get home in the evenings it is at the same point.  By the time I finish feeding and watering it is dark. The chickens, guineas and turkeys have already gone to bed when I get there. The guineas give me a few cries just to let me know I am disturbing them. Mrs. Turkey usually is the only one that gets up to greet me. I give her a treat, her own little pile of corn. She eats it and I hear her fly back up on her roost. She is a big bird and makes a whooshing sound. That is one of the sounds I hear as I do my rounds.

Ace and Bella (Great Pyrenees) are usually barking because Spud (Terrier mix) follows me while I make my rounds. They are beautiful with their tales in the air running up the fence line.

Other sounds are the rabbits hopping in their cage. The girls run to the side to greet me. Sometimes the boy rabbit hops so loudly it startles me until I realize what it is.

The hens make their little night sounds as they settle down. It’s a relaxing blend of chirps and purrs with an occasional yell from one that can’t seem to get his spot. The White Leghorns have been jumping down off the roost and making so much noise that I have to check and make sure they are in their alone.

The sound that prompted this post is the goat sound. They are not in the bed when I arrive. They are waiting on their supper. After all the fighting over the feeder each of them wants is settled and they begin to eat, they make the sweetest sound. It’s kind of like a grunting or moaning. The only thing I can compare it to is the cooing sound a baby makes. It just makes you smile.

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