Guineas can fly! Or can they?

Why do our feathered friends forget they can fly when danger approaches?

Last night, as I approached the lots, I heard a guinea that didn’t sound like it was coming from the right direction. At first I thought the sound was carrying and I was hearing things. The guineas roost on top of the chicken run and this sound seemed to be too low. I kept thinking “How is a guinea in the chicken coop”. Then she let out a loud cry that set me into a run. I knew something was wrong with her and she was on the other side of the hen house.

Actually she was in the goat lot. Poor girl. She can fly! Why didn’t she?

Her neck has wounds from her sticking her head into the fence trying to get out. Her tail feathers are missing. Most likely the goats pulled them out. Broke my heart. I cradled her in my arms for a while to warm her up. She was real calm and seemed to settle in. If you know guineas, you know calm is not usually in the same thought as guinea.

After talking to her a while, she went with me to check on everyone else, I put her in the empty rabbit hutch. It has an enclosed house on the end so I put her there. It was dark, and I’m sure she was in pain; she stayed where I put her. I thought about her all night. Why didn’t she fly?

This morning she was out in the cage area of the rabbit hutch. I feed her some bread and she ate it greedily. She looked like she felt much better so I made the decision to not keep her caged. My biggest concern is the others pecking on her wounds. I was apprehensive about keeping her separated, because adding her back to the flock would be another traumatic event for her. I kept a check on her as I did my morning chores. She was in one of the guineas favorite spots (on the steps behind the chicken coop) when I left.

My daughter has checked on her several times today and she is moving slow, but seems to be ok.

Why didn’t she fly?

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