Goat Hay Feeder

Well, I have been researching and researching for months now to determine how to build a feeder for the goats. I know there will be some waste, but I want to eliminate as much of the waste as possible.


Steve and I had trouble getting our ideas to blend together and come up with our plans. We always build everything together, feeding off the others design and making changes. We just couldn’t get together this time. It was aggravating….


Last week I found a couple pictures of feeders I liked and printed them out to show him. He got it! I tried to tell him it was simple, but my explanations weren’t convincing, until he saw it on paper.


When I went to the farm after work Friday, he had started on my feeder. We finished it Saturday. It is fabulous! I can’t wait to let the goats try it.



What do you think?


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