Feeding the Dogs

Ace is now earning his keep. He stays with the goats 24/7. For several weeks this meant feeding him in an area that the goats couldn’t get to. I would take them grain or hay and let him eat while they were occupied. Ace has always had a self feeder (he has food available whenever he wants to eat). I didn’t like this change so we decided to figure out a way he could eat, but the goats couldn’t. Not as simple as it sounds. When we brought Benjamin home Steve created an area for him that the others (except Boss) couldn’t go into. Ace could squeeze in so we thought “humm, maybe” but no, April also figured out how to slip in. I had to make that hole smaller for only Benjamin and Boss. I ask a friend that has goats and Great Pyrenees. She told me they have a “jump” area for their dogs to jump into. Our first attempt failed. Abby could go over. We raised the bar and didn’t think Ace could jump it, he is a bit clumsy. After a few attempts he can gracefully jump in and eat whenever he wants. I tried to take a picture of him jumping. My camera wasn’t quick enough, but this one isn’t so bad. PS: the chickens are trying really hard to get to the dog food. I’ll post those pictures later. It’s hilarious to watch.

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