Simple Woman’s Daybook – October 12, 2011

Outside my window…Rain is falling and the trees are swaying back and forth under a light breeze. The trees are beginning to turn orange and red and the air has a chill.


I am thinking…About the little guinea that I thought had died in the night. When I removed it from the brooder I felt a slight movement and decided to make certain it had passed. It had not and as I warmed it up he began to nuzzle in my hand and make a purring sound. What a blessing!


I am thankful…For all of God’s blessings in my life. Including, but not limited to, my wonderful husband and my family, the home God has allowed me to have, all the animals I enjoy each day, and the list goes on and on.


In the kitchen…I ran across a Cherry Cobbler recipe that I craved for a week before I made it. It was fabulous, except I forgot to bring some with me today. 🙁


I am wearing…brown khaki pants and a tan shirt.


I am creating…fabric covered photo albums with my daughter. She is becoming very good at crafting.


I am going…to the 50th year celebration at the Renan Volunteer Fire Department. My family is very active in the fire department and this will be a fun day filled with friends, food and entertainment.


I am wondering…if my Mom is alright. She is having a procedure done this morning and was very nervous when I talked to her earlier.


I am reading…Archangel’s Blade. I know I could read something more educational, but I enjoy these types of books. They are fantasy and you can be any where you want to be when you read. I try to tell this to members of my family that don’t read. When you read a book your mind can picture the scene and the people any way you want them. You are not limited like when you watch a movie and an actor portrays a character. When you read you create the character based on the authors words.


I am hoping…these next two weeks will fly by so my sister-in-law from Oregon will arrive. I know I shouldn’t wish my life away, but time fly’s so fast now anyway, I figure these two weeks should, lol.


I am looking forward to…my sister-in-laws arrival. I am also looking forward to finishing our goat lot so we can bring our goats home. Seems like I have been working on this forever, but something else comes along that has to be taken care of.


I am hearing…the rain hitting the building. Wish I was at home enjoying this sound.


Around the house…we are watching guinea eggs hatch. My grandson is enjoying this. You would’ve thought Santa had come the first morning the eggs hatched. It made it all worthwhile.


I am pondering…the plans for the farm. So many things to do and I want to think carefully before each step. Planting things, building buildings and fences, are all permanent and I want to be sure we think about all the options before doing each step.


One of my favorite things…enjoying time on the farm with my family. The best part about purchasing the farm is knowing that my family enjoys it as much as I do.


A few plans for the rest of the week: Bake a cake for the fire department celebration. I am planning on making a big cake shaped like the Maltese Cross. Finishing the goat lot (as always). Watching guinea eggs hatch.


Here is picture for thought I am sharing…


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