Is Mr. Guinea going to be a dad?

Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Guinea went missing. Finally I could hear him way down in the bottom, near the spring. Monday morning she was missing and he refused to get out of bed. I tried to lure him with sweet talk and corn. Nothing worked. He hurt his leg several days ago so I figured he needed to sleep in. I had no idea where she was. Me and Barnie walked around calling and looking. There was no sign of her. I wouldn’t let myself think the worst.

Monday after work we went on a guinea hunt. Steve found her sitting on a clutch. Now comes the dilemma of whether to leave her and risk a predator getting her, move her and the nest and risk her not getting back on it, or buying an incubator. No matter which option we choose, there is a great chance the eggs are not fertile. I don’t know if Mr. Guinea and her got married yet, or if a guinea on the farm she came from mated with her.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!




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