Getting Ready for Irene

As Irene heads toward the East Coast, everyone is trying to get prepared. How do you actually prepare for a hurricane?

We are located in the middle of Virginia. If this storm is over 400 miles wide, we will definitely get something if the eye hits Virginia Beach. This will be our first major storm on the farm. Not only do I have to worry about things around our home, I have to worry about my animals and their well being.

We have gathered up all the lawn furniture and various outside accessories. Steve is filling all our gas tanks and cans just in case we need chainsaws and four wheelers. He is filling our water containers in case we have no power and the animals run out. Batteries are being charged, food supplies (for animals and humans) are being checked.

There are huge trees on the property and the barn needs work, but we just have to hope for the best. I try not to say “oh it has been there for years and years, it will be ok”. The last time I said that we were camping and one of the trees that had been there for 100’s of years fell on our truck and totaled it.

We will be praying for everyone as this storm barrels towards us.






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