Back to School

Usually I will post about the developments on the farm, but today was back to school. Or should I say first day of school?

Today was the first day of school for my grandson. He was not very happy about this new development in his life. He has never stayed away from home. He is always with his mom and dad  or a grandparent. I just can’t shake the feeling of it being too traumatic on a four year old to leave the house on a strange vehicle (bus) crying and upset.

Then I tell myself we all had to do it (or most of us). He will have the opportunity to use his very smart brain (of course he is brilliant) and also to make new friends.

I’ll just be sooo glad when the strange vehicle brings him home again!!

Update:  He survived the first day of school. He got on the bus this morning without much drama. Of course, we all promised we would play baseball this afternoon if he held it together. So proud of him. They grow up so fast!!

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