Visit with our goat friends

We went to visit our goat farming friends again yesterday.We always enjoy going to visit them. They have a great working farm and make us feel very welcome.They also teach us something new each time we go.

We visited with “Annie”. She is the sweetest thing. She walks around with you and wants to play. I can’t wait until I can bring her home. I ask Jarett, my son, to put me on his calendar so he could come help us finish the goat pen.

“April” was not so friendly. She was afraid of us. I hope she gets better so I can bring her with Annie. I’m just not sure I can handle a goat that runs from me. Especially since these will be my first.

A friend of ours, Brittany, went with us. She was amazed by the size of the Great Pyrenees dog. She also feel in love with their horses.

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